Who’s ready for some new Melodic / Blackened Death Metal?  Probably one of the more accessible yet musically complex styles under the extreme metal umbrella, Melodeath bands such as Carcass and At the Gates influenced the next generation of metal bands to come.  The only issue is that somewhere along the way the extreme aspect of the style was lost, even among some of the greats (ex. In Flames).  Well towards the end of 2013 Insentient released their debut album “Remnants”, and by the sound of it, we in the metal community may see a re-emergence of the Melodic Death Metal we loved from the 1990’s.

I’m honestly astonished to see this much musical confidence from such a young group.  From the first 30 seconds of “Winters End” you can tell these guys aren’t just screwing around.  The song starts out with a soft yet incredibly melodic section followed by soaring lead guitar work which then flows right into the chaos.  This is a formula that repeats itself throughout the six track release but still contains enough variation within the chord progressions to keep the listener interested.  And as melodic as these tunes are they also manage to pack enough aggression to stay true to the Death Metal aspect of their style.  

A definite strong point of this band can be found in the drumming.  One of the major issues I’ve had with a lot of bands in this sub-genre is the simplicity of the drum work.  With Insentient, the listener can be sure to expect complex arrangements, interesting drum fills, and blast-beats potent enough to counter-attack a nuclear missile.  “Seethe” and “As I Wither” both demonstrate the skills they have behind the kit. 

This album contains vocals reminiscent of those in Arch Enemy, yet at times can be even more guttural (This is pretty awesome seeing as how Angela Gossow is one of the most aggressive vocalists in the Melodeath world).  The guitar work is pretty much what you would expect from a band of this nature.  Gothenburg riffs, tremelo picking, and technical solos dominate the album.  Highlights include the intro to “Decrepit Minds”, the first main (and recurring) riff and the solo in “Seethe”, and both “As I Wither” and “Death Toll Rising” in their entirety.

The only flaw with this album is that some of the riffs can seem a bit repetitive and rehashed.  With that said, it’s a common trap to fall into within the sub-genre, and the fact that this group demonstrates some incredible musical knowledge and technical prowess proves that they are capable of overcoming this slight problem.  All in all “Remnants” is a solid debut so be sure to keep your eyes open for future releases from Insentient. 


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