Out of San Antonio, Texas comes Upon A Burning Body. With their Deathcore style, they’ve managed to appeal to the metal world in a big way, placing themselves firmly in the spotlight. Striking with their first album,  “The World Is Ours”, they showed explosive, fun potential which was carried onto their second record, “Red. White. Green.” This band brings that fun with a great sound and an electrifying amount of energy during their live performances. Example? Let’s shake the fucking ground!

There will be a place in the future of metal for dangerous nature of UABB’s sound and energy. Watch out!

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HUGE. ATOMPHERIC. CRUSHING. The Zenith Passage are a hyper-talented Californian Tech Death unit with so much potential. This was evinced in full on their 2013 EP, “Cosmic Dissonance”. They capture a chilling atmosphere in front of you, and just blow it away with pure metal. Expect various, cutting edge technical embellishments and surprises from this band. Their music reminds me of reprieve from a shitty day. Once you listen, it will take your mind away to something darker, yet so much more awesome.

All of this and they’ve barely even started. The Zenith Passage recently signed with the one and only Unique Leader Records and are proposed to drop a brand new album this year! The official teaser is below.

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Dark Empire come from the darkness that is New Jersey. They construct music with a focused and destructive force. Sound wise, they mix together elements of Power Metal, good ol’ Thrash, and Progressive Metal in order to crush you. In other words, these dudes are very damn metal \m/ This was emphasized by the release of “Distant Tides”, “Humanity Dethroned”, and most recently “From Refuge To Ruin”. One can only speculate about the awesome metal that Dark Empire will bring in the future. Keep an eye out!

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