For any of you who may have followed my reviews, you must have seen me complaining-lambasting one Djent-pseudo Djent band or the other about the forced use of electronica effects in compositions. For someone so opinionated about his Djent diet, I’m literally eating my words over how good the new AI(d) track sounds.

AI(d) is another one of those artists that my peers have always recommended me but has slipped through the cracks, somehow. Finally hearing what the artist has to offer, I must say this is exactly how dub overtones should sound if anyone feels the need to use them at all! From the forthcoming album “Alchemy”, A.I.(d) AKA Lou G. Majdanek, has released a clip of the track “Hidden Clouds” off the upcoming album. Don’t forget to check for little snippets and surprises below!

– Aurko

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