Italy has really been coming into their own within the world of metal. In recent years, a number of bands crossing a number of different sounds have emerged to wreak havoc and earn glory. But long before this recent surge, bands like Hour of Penance and Antropofagus have reigned supreme in the world of Italian metal. Their vigilance and undeniable approach to metal continues to this day.

In fact, Hour of Penance has been making significant moves this year as they've just released a brand new album, "Regicide". That record is now available for streaming in it's entirety. You can listen for yourself down below.

Also, the band just released a music video in support of "Regicide". Driven by the virulent track, "Reforging The Crowns", the video provides shred and a heavy slam that literally provides a crack to the skull. As I may have hinted before, you can find all of the above, below.


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