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Enough normal stuff. Time for some brutality.

Lacerated Enemy Records has unleashed the latest epic in brutality by Germany's Infecting The Swarm. Playing hyperfast blast-ridden and visceral Brutal Death Metal, Infecting The Swarm competes against the likes of Disgorge, Guttural Secrete and Suffocation, taking the music forward without compromising on the extremity in any possible way.

"Pathogenesis" contains nine tracks of sci-fi-themed brutality and has designed the artwork conveying the same. This is a welcome relief from the excessively gory and violent misogynist themes prevalent in this style. Infecting The Swarm believes in portraying the brutality via its music.

Give a listen to the album in it's entirety below. If you enjoy, grab the effort on hard copy HERE or digitally on Bandcamp!

Links: Facebook // Merch // Bandcamp