Let’s be honest, if Deftones put out any record, you’re going to buy it and replay the living groove out of that baby till kingdom come. But in the wake of Chi Cheng’s untimely departure many mourned the end of the bands Nu-Metal roots that was glorified by tracks like “Change” and “My Own Summer”, “Minerva” and many more fugamazing singles.

Fret not, my brethren; based out of Copenhagen, Silence is a Virus, is a four-piece, act who dance around the fine lines that distinguish Post Metal/Rock, Nu Metal and Alt Metal (a distinction without a difference, the last two, I get it). Having put out 2 EP’s, one self-titled debut and the other titled “drab”, for a Pay What You Want/ Free Download scheme on Bandcamp, SIAV have a new 3-track EP out called “Imperial”, mixed by none other than the awesome Aaron Harris (ex-Isis, Palms), which is available for as low as $2.50!

Sample the tracks streaming below and tell us what you think; go ahead, tell me how you this band doesn’t want to make you bring out your hoodie and baseball cap and Rap ‘n’ Growl your playlist away!

– Aurko

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp