Take the weight off your feet and relax a while.  Pour yourself a drink old chap and lets take another trip of musical discovery together.  Overturning some intriguing stones to reveal the syncopated goodness beneath.



The music of Alaya is jam packed with melodic modulation and plaintive emotion; using the more sinuous, technical elements of progressive metal to form their ideas into a peripatetic MeloTech amalgam.  Signed since 2012 they recently released their debut album "Thrones".  Their thoughtful, prosaic approach to writing is evident on each track; not seeking to conform to any preconceived notion of genre, their music has both drive and distinction; blending a rigorous approach to syncopation with an unabashed sense of emotive melody.  Check out their deftly serrated grooves through the link below. Then catch them live at TechFest!!



Honest and reassuringly aggressive without ever losing a vibrant tunefulness, Napoleon are a band for many a mood. Consisting of equal parts Hardcore chocolate, a chewy Techy centre and boxed in a delightfully danceable box, they can inspire movement in the most stolid and immobile gig goer.  Not so much Good Night, Josephine than Great God Josephine lets see them again.  Get motivated by downloaded their EP for free via their website and check them out as they grace the main-stage on the Saturday of TechFest.



There is devil streak of pop flair that is woven in filigree throughout their gorgeous debut album, Lun.  I have already rhapsodized lyrical about its inestimable qualities of intelligent grace and pliant power, so I wont detain your attention long; suffice is to say that you need this little slice of Serbian Power Djent in your life.  Luxuriate in its voluble radiance as David Maxim Micic and friends illuminate your day with their irresistible brand of perspicacious glee.


Find Joy, Spread Joy, Have Joy Left Over.  No Matter What Form It Takes. TechFest.

– John Whitmore




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