I stumbled upon this through Bandcamp and ended up thoroughly enjoying it. So much so that I’d like to share it with the great people of The Circle Pit!

What had originally started as a solo project out of Los Angeles, California has evolved into a full band now known as nullingroots (previously under the alias Solus). Their craft comes down to a cross between Black Metal, Post-Metal, Post-Rock, and Shoegazing goodness. If this sounds like your cuppa tea, I implore you to stop reading this shenanigans and just press “play” below!

The band currently consists of five members who all bring something special to the table. This is more than clear through their first single entitled “Nothing After, Just What’s Now”. It brings you through uplifting melodies and thought provoking passages on an aural adventure. But don’t take my word for it. Have a listen for yourself.

Also, take notice that the single is available for a “name your price” download on Bandcamp! Enjoy!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp