Here’s a 21-year-old one man band sailing from the coast of Anglet, France. But this isn’t merely a pleasure cruise, it’s “Exile” (“Exile 2.0” to be exact). Even so, it will be quite the journey, whipping through tempests and calm sea alike. With any luck, it will remain afloat for the sight of new horizons and strike land.

Awful metaphors aside, Thessa did just put out a lengthy album entitled “Exile 2.0” back in July. The effort consists of 15 tracks (that’s including bonuses) that span well over an hour’s time. His weapon of choice is the merge of Djent/Prog Rock/Prog Metal, and he wields is quite effectively. If you want to listen to the products of this artist’s mind, the entire album is available for streaming through Bandcamp below!

Better yet, the entire album is available for a “name your price” download, which is exactly why we’re here today! Check it out HERE and support the artist.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp