And now for something expensive and amazing. Swedish progressive metal troupers, Freak Kitchen, just put out the most expensive prog metal music video this year… actually, probably many years.

It all began with their quest to crowdfund an ambitious music video at $90,000. Well, they probably ended up laughing at that original goal when they hit $142,000… Laughing all the way to Dreamworks and Disney that is. And the results are stunning.

Here's what the band had to say:

Combining the talents of Eisner-Award Winning Artist Juanjo Guarnido (Blacksad) and the face-meltingly awesome sounds of Freak Kitchen, a spectacular animated music video presented in World Premiere at NYCC, brought to life by an amazing team including Animators whose credentials range from Dreamworks to Disney and the brilliant 3-D studio Fortiche Prod. The video blends traditional 2-D character animation with 3-D computer graphics in a way you’ve never seen before. Come and see for yourself!

The proof is in the pudding and DAMN does the pudding taste good. Take a look at the "Freak of the Week".

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