Remember Slander? This is the Hardcore band we presented months ago as the Italian version of Beavis and Butthead.

Well, they're back! After some line-up changes and a bunch of shows that caught law enforcement's attention, the guys made it to the release of their new EP called “The Rush”. This release takes distances from the metal influences of their first works to approach a more straight-forward hardcore assault with a remarkable party attitude. And these guys definitely know how to party, trust me. You can simply tell that from the video of their recent release party posted below.

The EP is opened by their new anthem “Scars and Ashes” that perfectly sums up what this new direction consists of. The following song “Empty Pod” brings velocity back in, being the most old school track on the EP. “Steep Slope” brings the mosh in with a massive tune that promises to cause several injuries during their shows. The final song and title track “The Rush” is similar to that style “Scars and Ashes” showcased, ending the EP with a raw attack that could hardly be more hardcore than this.

This EP is the complete affirmation of the band that has now become one of the most followed acts of today's Italian hardcore scene, mostly thanks to the madness they've been able to deliver on stage. This is especially true in their hometown of Venice. Go check out this sick piece of hardcore and don't forget you can also grab it for a "name your price" download on Bandcamp!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp