And now for something entirely different. Emerging from Dusseldorf, Germany comes Seth ECT. This is an interesting, eclectic group essentially merging the electronic influence of Industrial music with extreme metal territory.

A full listen to the bands latest "DiMethylTriptamine" aka DMT is more than enough to open a third eye to their style. The opening track "Warning", for example, begins submerged in electronics before it smacks you in the face with a sort of extreme metal / EDM crossover (as impossible as that may sound). Further tracks bring a further blending through a number of styles. Let's just say this band isn't afraid of experimentation.

If you'd like to give a listen to the madness, simply click the "play" button below. But if you desire more, it's your lucky day! The entire "DiMethylTriptamine" EP is available for a "name your price" download on Bandcamp!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp