Calcutta, India based Technical Death Metal act, Evil Conscience are on the brink of releasing their debut EP “Death Is Only The Beginning” globally. The band had debuted the first single off their debut record, “Sweet Pleasure Butchery” a few days back. A veteran to the local scene having been active for the better part of the last 5 years, the band has followed up their single release with a playthrough video for the track.

Signed to Utah based label Slaughterhouse Records, the band is looking to release their album tentatively in early to mid-December, both in physical format as well as Bandcamp downloads. Looking forward to a nation-wide tour in wake of the release, the band’s management had this to say about the record:

“The record label deal was a little rushed and out of the blues, so we are still figuring a lot of things out. For example, the artwork is being re-done and re-inked since its scene release, to give it a more professional touch. We shall unveil the artwork on our social media and follow it up with a drum playthrough for a track off the album. We still haven’t fixed a date for the release because, like I said, it was a rushed deal, but a December release is definitely on the cards.”

Creating quite a stir with their unique blend of Brutal and Technical Death Metal with elements of Deathcore and ambient segments in between, the band is touted to be the oldest surviving Metal band from the Calcutta Metal movement. Having lost precious time owing to the departure of their Drummer and founding member Niloy, the band took some time to recuperate and find a replacement in the young Joy Singha.

– Aurko

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