Vagrond is a relatively new band from Australia. Their forte is mixing a number of musical styles into a generally dark and fairly laid back sound. To be more specific, they take elements of Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Doom Metal, Black Metal, along with several other approaches, blend them up, and serve some good music.

This is apparent from their latest album, "Regret". Released mere days ago, it provides 5 tracks (the shortest of which is nearly 8 minutes) rolling through peaks and valleys of darkness with glimpses of light. All in all, it's quite the interesting listening experience and a great Bandcamp find.

The album is currently available for a "name your price" download. So if the music strikes your fancy, you can grab it with minimal effort. But, no matter what, be sure to show Vagrond your support if you do enjoy the music they produce. It's well deserved.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp