Alex Teyen, vocalist for arguably one of the heaviest bands out of the UK – Black Tongue, just had the unfortunate mishap of walking off a moving tour bus and falling into Polish highway traffic. Here's the excerpt of a police report taken from the Telegraph.

"The victim told his colleagues he was going to the toilet," said Officer Piotr Kaciak, a local police spokesman. "The toilet turned out to be engaged so he opened the bus's door instead and stepped out while the coach was still moving.

When they realised what had happened other passengers alerted the driver who stopped the coach. Band members found their colleague on the motorway and administered first aid, while a passing motorist, who spoke "broken English," stopped and called the emergency services.

"Judging by the manner of the victim's behaviour, speech and smell we suspect he was under the influence of alcohol," added Mr Kaciak.

The accident occurred on a stretch of motorway near the central Polish town of Konin, as the band was travelling to Berlin after performing in Warsaw."

Black Tongue has yet to comment on these happenings, but they did state the following:

"Hey everyone as you may have heard we have unfortunately had to pull out of the Ashes To Ashes EU/UK run. We will still be making the US portion of the tour and will see you all soon. More details coming soon along with new dates to go back to the cities we unfortunately have to miss."

We wish a speedy recovery to Alex. Luckily, the incident could have been much, much worse.

Here's some heaviness.

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