Ear drums will burst and bowels will shift at the mention of this tour. In other words, try not to shit yourselves. The full line up for the Devastation On The Nation Tour was just announced!

Toted as "NOTHING but the most heavy and brutal", they have not failed on that claim. As of now, the line up stands as Origin, Krisun, Aeon, Alterbeast, Soreption and Ingested. Damn straight this will be a tour void of any form of mercy. Bow down to the metal.

The trek will take place over the course of a solid month from 9/4/15 to 10/4/15. The exact dates have yet to be disclosed. They will presumably come in the next few announcements. Besides, you have all  of Summer to enjoy before meeting this untimely doom. In the meantime, take a gander over the flyer above and listen to the extreme music below. Good times this way come.

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