Swiss melodic death metal outfit Dreamshade is one of the most beautiful things happening in the European modern metal circuit currently. They're also one of the very few bands keeping this genre fresh today.

Their sophomore album "The Gift Of Life" was one of my favourite releases of 2013 and I'm sure many of us are still jamming it. The band earned recognition worldwide touring Europe, America and South Africa and they'll go through an extended Asian tour in April after the release of this brand new single.

The song is called "Dreamers Don't Sleep" and it features extreme quality in its composition, especially through the guitar work. The initial riff manages to be both catchy and awesome at the same time. Vocally, this first single features a stronger presence of cleans, but the song definitely remains heavy.

It's surely something you should check out along with their older tunes if you haven't heard of this band yet (and it's about time!).

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