"This is a phenomenal song, it starts out by taking you on a perilous journey through many interconnected tunnels of schizophrenic shred before bursting through the shimmering surface revealing some of the most audacious Djenticular melodo-rhythms my war-worn ears have ever encountered.

I've been listening to this track on average 5 times a day for the last week and I've been utterly held captive by its florid combination of simple riffs embedded within a dizzying structure, which culminate in a riff so brazen that it makes me pull abstract faces on public transport. This is powerful stuff boys and girls."

John Whitmore says it best. And you best be checking this track out! Or possibly better yet, here's the guitar playthrough for Colours To Shame – "Who's The Fifth?" Go ahead and watch Rory Doherty and Thomas Cairney do what they do best. And if you enjoy the fruits of their labor, be sure to grab the music on Bandcamp.


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