It comes with a heavy heart that we announce Means End is no longer a band. They blew us all away with their 2012 EP then yet again with the release of 2013's "The Didact" which featured brilliant, tasteful instrumentation matched with the stylings of Robert Luciani (ex-Vildhjarta).

One thing is for certain, these guys will be greatly missed. They were a breath of fresh air cast over a stagnant sea. They say that they'll continue composing as individuals. We certainly hope this to be the case lest great minds wander.

Here's the official statement they left with their end.

Thank you to everyone that has supported Means End since its inception.
Our current constellation has come to an end.

As band-members we shared a common interest in taking progressive metal into uncharted compositional directions. This bond produced The Didact and many good memories, but the nature of "being progressive" tore at our seams. Driven by an aspiration to progress, change, and innovate, the scope of our musical endeavor outgrew us. As a band, we were not able to balance a project of such ambition with work, studies, family, children and other responsibilities.

We have an uncommonly diverse fan-base to which we owe a lot. Many of you have taken a personal stake in actively supporting Means End and spreading the word. Rest assured that we will, as individuals, continue to build on this foundation and continue to compose new great music.

Again, thank you.

~ Means End

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