If you’re missing the early metalcore vibes, with those memorable riffs capable of being fast and aggressive, but sweetly melodic at the same time, this is for you! If you miss the sound still influenced by the atmospheres of the good old Swedish melodic death metal, yet again, we’ve got something new and tasty for you!

This can definitely bring back those awesome sounds together with the quality of a technical modern metal band. Furthermore, this is done with skilled musicians and wise composition to boot. These guys go by the name of Got No Ego and they’re emerging from the northern part of Italy, in the area of Milan.

After the release of their previous

EP, they’ve been working hard for a very long time on something new and solid. The result is material capable of bringing them to the very next level. This is the “Redemption” EP, coming out next month to all major online stores.

To support the release, the band produced a sick music video that we’re now premiering on our pages. You won’t want to miss this one. You can check out the new video for the title track below. And if this touches you in any way, go follow the band on their Facebook page to support them and remain updated on the exact release date of their EP and their next album. They’ve got all kinds of awesome on the way!


Links: Facebook // YouTube