It’s been known for a little while that Meshuggah have been working on a new album. It was even announced by Nuclear Blast records that there would definitely be a new Meshuggah album this year (alongside many others). But, while being interviewed by, Meshuggah guitarist Mårten Hagström effectively announced the band dropping their previously announced plans for 2015. In other words, there will be no new Meshuggah album this year. There will, however, be one later on in 2016 from the sounds of it. The direct quote from the interview is this:

“No. I would say sometime next year, but not early. We were supposed to be writing all summer, but stuff happened, and now we’re doing this (festivals). So, when we finish that off, we’re gonna be writing… The last show for this summer is late August in Gothenburg, so when we finish off there, we’re gonna go full writing mode again. And then, hopefully, we’ll write through the end of the year and then start recording early-ish next year.”

Though this is slightly disappointing, the band will ultimately do what the band will do. Greatness takes patience. If they need more time to work, tour, and write the record, they completely deserve that time. We should just be happy that the world has a Meshuggah to begin with!

You can watch the full interview below along with some Meshuggah-ian music videos.

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