This could easily be considered a must listen for fans of Progressive and Technical Metal. Enter the Omega District and allow “The Deconstruction of a Universe” to commence. This is the debut EP from one of the more promising acts you’ll hear today. And we’re featuring an exclusive stream of it right here on The Circle Pit for that very reason. You can find the full experience down below and grab all the music for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp!

Omega District recently emerged as a musical juggernaut of a one man band from Seattle, Washington. The music is all channeled through said mastermind Miles Weber as he connects massive soundscapes, metallic riffs, and rhythms so tight they’ll make your eyes pop out. There’s no doubt this is some high end music to sink your teeth into. And as such, we recommend you do just that.

Miles had the following to say of his endeavor:

I recorded this E.P. in my free time over the last year and a half inside my apartment. I hope you will find as much joy in listening as I have in composing it. Any money will be directly put towards funding another album. Thank you!


Links: Twitter // Bandcamp