MishaDestiny(Photo Credit – Toontrack)

Here’s something for fans of Progressive Metal and video game nerds alike. Ahh, who are we kidding, those two groups overlap all the time. And today is a joyous day for them…

Periphery mastermind Misha Mansoor aka Bulb has taken the “Sepiks Prime Theme” from the immensely successful game Destiny and turned it into Progressive Metal music. Check out his cover down below.

In further Bulb-esque news, he has teamed up with fellow Periphery guitarist Mark Holocomb to reignite the beloved Haunted Shores. He is also allegedly working on a new solo album but there hasn’t been much word on that recently. And, of course, there’s Periphery who came out with Juggernaut this year. He’s a busy guy. Just know there will be more music where all of this came from.

Periphery: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes

Destiny: Official Website