Fresh off their signing with Famined Records, Dethrone The Sovereign have come riding in on a fresh wave of metal. They’ve been making their presence known from Salt Lake City with ferocious talent and a great energy about them since 2008. Their abilities have projected the overall sound into a hyper-creative and cartwheeling spectrum of Progressive Metal. They bring a unique blend of classical style with modern sensibilities at breakneck speeds with many unexpected changes of pace along the way. In short, this band is excellent. Some might even go so far as to call them a monstrous “must listen”.

It doesn’t take much to tell Dethrone The Sovereign take their craft very seriously. Previously, they released the “Autocracy Dismantled” EP with an unprecedented amount of potential behind them. 21+ minutes of musical madness, if you will. That release is shockingly available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp and is fully worth supporting. Such a thing is a blessing amongst mankind. But that’s not what brings us here today…

Dethrone The Sovereign have been building towards the release of an all new song and sleek music video for “The Vitruvian Augmentation”. And ho-lee-schitt was it ever worth the wait. Add up all the factors with a listen and you a 5+ minute ode to metal insanity. And it’s happening right here, right now on The Circle Pit.

If this band isn’t on your radar, get them there. They might just end up dethroning a few sovereigns along the way if you see what I did there. And you had better believe there’s much more where all this came from. And spreaking of all this… Have a listen for yourself just below.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Merch