Building towards the release of their new album “The Direction of Last Things”, Intronaut have opted to release an all new song via MetalSucks. The peculiarly titled opening track of the album, “Fast Worms”, acts as a great introduction to the record. Thus far, the band has something great on their hands. Here’s what they had to say:

We decided that we don’t need to spend three weeks in a studio obsessing over every minute nuance. The reality is that in that past, we’ve taken that approach, but then we go on tour and play all those songs tightly. So why not just write the songs, rehearse the hell out of them, and then just go play them in an awesome recording studio? Intronaut is an actual band who rehearses together regularly. We make up one collective musical brain. There’s no reason why we couldn’t just have someone set up some mics, hit record, and capture that. We ended up making our best sounding record in a third of the time.

“The Direction of Last Things” will be released on November 13 through Century Media Records. Stay tuned for pre-orders and much more.


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