I recently came across Berried Alive (Charles Caswell) and was pleasantly surprised when it was not just something goofy, but was in fact some insane guitar badassery.
Coming in hot with a very thick and djenty sound; I found myself bobbing my head to it. Which, I suppose, is kind of unavoidable with music in this vein.

From Minnesota, Berried Alive is a one man band with focus being placed on guitar. There are a lot of these popping up in the past couple years now that it is becoming easier to make music at home and not have to go buy studio time and actually gather a band. The downside is; now that it’s easier… There is a lot of awfulness out there too…


Berried Alive is sick!

Though a lot of the low chugginess is similar to most artists in this genre, where Caswell stands out is his guitar prowess. The solos throughout his releases are bananas. The first song that I caught from him actually didn’t even have a solo in it, but I was into so I decided to check out more of his stuff. Then, I came across a solo and was completely taken aback. My face started melting off and I didn’t even have adequate time to prepare! Consider this your Public Service Announcement: Your face may experience mild to severe immolation whilst being Berried Alive.

See what I did there?


His stuff is available on Bandcamp and he often posts previews on his YouTube Channel as well as his Facebook if you’d like to stay updated.

Oh. Also; You may choose to listen to instrumental versions or the versions with vocals. He has a solid voice too, so it’s really whatever you’re in the mood for.


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