We had a chance to catch I, The Breather’s final show in their home state of Maryland. Technically, this was their second to last show ever given that they were in the process of wrapping up their Farewell Tour with the last date in Allentown, PA being cancelled due to flooding at the venue (though it may still happen down the line). That being the case, we found ourselves situated at Cafe 611 in Frederick, MD for one hell of a show. The band brought all the energy and emotion you would expect from a final show and the crowd responded in a big way. In the process, we were able to film the set in its entirety. You can expect to see this live on the interwebs for all to see this Friday.

Before the show, we had a chance to speak with the band and set up an interview. In doing so, we were able to find out the conditions that brought this great band to an end and what they’ll be onto next. We also lightened the interview with a few questions around the band’s robust touring history and what they like to do for fun on the side. While this may not end up being the last interview ever, it’s certainly one of the very last. But, in all reality, this could very well be the final interview with I, The Breather and certainly our last as The Circle Pit. So check it out and learn from these musicians.

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