With news of Soundwave’s demise today, Monuments have come forth with the fact that they never got paid for this year’s edition of the festival. This is a move they’ve been holding off on for a long time now but it has become apparent there’s not another option. So they let loose with the following statement with the launch of a GoFundMe campaign to keep moving forward as a band. Given the circumstances, they likely weren’t the only band affected in this manner…

“Friends/Fans – True Believers!

We’ve been dreading this day but also knew it would come eventually so … read on …

We played Soundwave Festival 2015 where we had an AMAZING time but we still have not been paid in full for that performance! We’ve tried our best to keep contact with AJ Maddah/Soundwave Festival but now that #SW16 has gone down the tubes and he is not responding to any of our mails- there is no reason to think he will ever pay us. We’ve been juggling bills since the beginning of the year – waiting for them to pay up but we are now at a point where we have no other choice than to ask for your help.

We aren’t the biggest or best band in the world – but we are a very dedicated band that has given 200% of our time and dedication to get our music out there – so for us this is a HUGE amount of money that we do not have and couldn’t have come at a worse time … for a small band like us this is like losing a million dollars …

We are currently working on album #3, will be touring North America in March/April 2016 and will do the European festival circuit so ALL donations will go to helping us pay back our friends and family who loaned us money to get to OZ in the first place but will also help us catch up on other bills so we can concentrate on doing what we do best and delivering the best Monuments album to date.

We’ve set up a GoFund me page here: and appreciate any help that comes our way.

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