Last week, we introduced you to a one of a kind Las Vegas / Reno artist by the name of Andy Hauck under the title of “Country Western + Progressive Metal“. He even took the coveted Artist of the Week position for his hard work! Just to reiterate, he claims to be “The worlds one and only Nevada based amateur professional progressive western-rock shred djent artist for at least several miles in any given direction.”

In that short span from the promo, he’s already released a brand new EP called “Autumn Fades”! Though, this time around, the Country Metal title doesn’t quite cut it as Andy has taken a slightly different approach while managing to keep a foot planted in the path he’s paved for himself. So, as one may imagine, the music is great! He’s jokingly dubbed it as “surrealist free-jazz nu metal jesus core” and alternatively as “genre lasagna”. Though, in reality, it’s hard to pinpoint this music to any single genre as it draws inspiration from all over the map. This is practically a lesson in Genre Blending 101 as the EP transforms from beginning to end.

And you can get a taste right here, right now! The entirety of the “Autumn Fades” EP is now live and streaming via YouTube and available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! Go show some love and support!

Also, for those of you who are interested, here’s Andy’s “Westerly” EP which really does fit the Country Western + Progressive Metal title. Despite how scary that sounds, the music is actually beyond excellent so have a listen!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp