Are you looking for something that is equal parts evil and experimental? We have you covered. Reining from Minsk, the band Infestum brings a very fresh twist from both the Black Metal and Death Metal sub-genres. Their music is both elating and disturbing in its execution as they conjure a suprisingly original sound from relatively stagnant waters. In short, this is great music!

They’ve been in operation for quite awhile now, having formed back in 2000. However, their latest release through the mighty Lacerated Enemy Records is the focus of this Monday celebration. It goes by the name of “Digitus Dei” and is available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp where you may also stream the beast! These 5 tracks bring together a truly magnificent listening experience that’s well worth your time. So get to it and show Infestum some support if you enjoy!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp