Thrash Metal fans the world over have been anticipating a new record to come from the modern masters of the craft – Revocation. For about two months now, we’ve known that the tracking of the new album is complete. And while we’ll likely have to wait until Summer to listen to what the band has to offer next in its completion, you can enjoy a brand new riff right now!

The band’s multitasking guitarist and vocalist David Davidson just shared a new riff through Instagram! And what can I say? It’s Revocation. You can give the goods a listen right here as we get ready for what comes next.

Here’s the update that David gave alongside the clip:

“I’ve seen a few people asking about the new album so I figured I’d give a little update. It won’t be out until summer time so we’re not going to be debuting anything too substantial for at least another month, but here’s a quick clip of one of the heavier riffs from the record, hope you guys dig!”

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