Woah man! This band is something else! Hailing from South Carolina, Enthean have proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Functioning as a four-piece band, their style comes together through a merger of metal sub-genres. Among these stand Black Metal, Death Metal, and Progressive Metal all laced together with high technicality. This band’s talent level is absolutely formidable!

This month saw the release of their debut full-length album “Priests of Annihilation”. Strapped with some gorgeous artwork and all the musical perks described above, this LP is absolutely rock solid from start to finish. It delivers 8 tracks strewn across a wicked ~45 minutes of content. The album is currently available for purchase over on Bandcamp among other locations.

What’s more – you can listen to the entirety of “Priests of Annihilation” right here, right now! We’ve teamed up with Enthean to bring a video stream directly to your earholes! You can find this right here:


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp