If one were forced to describe the band Miscreant with a single word, “heavy” would be the obvious choice for many. And the reasoning for this is clear… Once this band gets their hooks in your ears, it’s best to prepare for a ruthless beating of the aural apparatus. And, without a doubt, that’s meant in the best way possible. These guys deliver arguably one of the best djent infused Metal / Hardcore crosses of recent history. Their music is as hard hitting as it is exciting.

All of this and more shines through the band’s debut release “Living Death”. This was quite literally just released upon the unsuspecting populace of Earth this weekend. Better yet, the beast is available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! Deals rarely get better than that! If you enjoy the tunes, be sure to show this upcoming band some love and support. It’s certainly well deserved.

To bolster up the heaviness that is “Living Death”, we are now streaming the EP in it’s entirety over on YouTube! You can find this video stream just below. It’s highly recommended you pull the trigger on that “play” button and let Miscreant crush your local surroundings. Enjoy the musical violence!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // iTunes