Let’s start this week off the right way! The Jackals are an incredible band exploding from Russia and they’re boasting a lot of talent. This includes Shokran drummer Mike Isaev just to give you an idea. Stylistically, their sound comes down to an interesting cross of Mathcore, Post-Hardcore, and Progressive Metal as they dominate their craft. Listening to The Jackals can be equal parts intense and exciting.

The band’s 2016 effort “Devisee” is a great exhibition of what The Jackals bring to the table. Bringing 9 tracks across a half hour run, the band has constructed a solid listening experience to serve as their debut full-length LP. Currently, the beast is available for both stream and purchase over on Bandcamp. It’s highly recommended giving this one a go.

And, as luck would have it, the entirety of “Devisee” is now live and streaming over on YouTube for your listening pleasure! You can find the video containing all the goods right here:


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp