Hailing from Madrid, this band is located anywhere but Nebraska. But that doesn’t stop them from repping the name proudly while bringing together some great music! The band’s emotionally charged style wavers between Melodic Hardcore, Post-Hardcore (in it’s true sense), Metalcore, and even a touch of an Alternative sound. When you add up all these factors, you’re in for a good time listening to this music!

The band’s latest release comes in the form of an EP entitled “Horror Vacui”. It brings 4 tracks clocking in shy of 15 minutes. What this EP may lack in length, however, it certainly makes up for with impact. Every track on this record is worthwhile with the ability to evoke a number of emotions in the listener. It’s well composed and shows a good deal of talent in the mix.

That being the case, we opted to team up with Nebraska to bring “Horro Vacui” directly to you! The entirety of this EP is now live and streaming on YouTube! If you enjoy the music, it’s also available for purchase over on Bandcamp! Show some love.


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp