Being a Mudvayne fan at this point is akin to riding a roller coaster of lost hope. One moment, a statement will come out insinuating that it’s not over when the next moment, any and all hope dissolves. Despite all these statements saying otherwise and all the hope built up over the past several years, it appears that the chances of a Mudvayne comeback are next to nil at this point. Although this shouldn’t be too surprising in the grand scheme of things.

The latest has come from frontman Chad Gray (now of Hellyeah) in an interview with Billboard. In this, he effectively stated that there’s no chance of Mudvayne’s return. Of course, this could change in the future but you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. More specifically, here’s what he day to say:

People want what they want — sometimes you can’t have what you want. That’s been the frustration – they want Mudvayne, but we can’t give it to ’em. I tell people all of the time, “Dude, if you want to hear it, buy it and listen to it. There are CDs, and I am hugely proud of what we did.”

Mudvayne was basically breaking. I still love and talk to those guys, but it’s like being in a relationship and all the sudden things just start to fall apart. Mudvayne was just dissolving. It became too much for all of us. It was no one person in particular’s fault. We all have faults. It was crumbling beneath us. I chose to be an artist and continue to play in Hellyeah.

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