Today has seen the release of a crushing, new, metallic onslaught. The new Daedalvs record “Apotheosis” is now available – grab yours by CLICKING HERE! Named after the father of Icarus, this band brings a ruthless sound combining some of the best elements found in Death Metal and Black Metal with a technical edge. There’s no doubting the talent level here considering that Daedalvs is a musical unit forged from ex-members of Comatose Music’s Abhorrent Deformity and Subliminal Groove’s Lorelei. All of this and more shows through their aural exhibition.

The “Apotheosis” EP is composed of 6 rock solid tracks running across the spectrum of nearly a half hour. In other words, for a debut extended play, there is absolutely no shortage of content to be found here. And that content is absolutely wicked. If you’re a fan of bands like Fallujah, Cattle Decapitation, Ulcerate, and Boreworm – it’s more or less guaranteed you’ll enjoy the extreme music found on “Apotheosis”.

We’ve teamed up with Daedalvs to bring a stream of “Apotheosis” in it’s entirety! You can give the beast a listen down below. If you enjoy the musical extremity, keep in mind that that the “Apotheosis” EP is now available at THIS LOCATION.


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