This is possibly the greatest gimmick band name to emerge this year. For those who don’t know, Brazzers is a popular porn brand that has also been heavily used as a meme around the internet. So the name of this band basically implies that they write porn for the ears. And the music actually backs it up.

Russian guitarist and extreme, prolific talent Chocoslayc (Wildways, Change of Loyalty, Pull The Curtains, etc.) is the man behind the madness here. He worked to pull together some of the best musicians from his local scene to make Shredding Brazzers happen. These include Mark Mironov (Betraying The Martyrs) on drums, Dmitry Demyanenko (Shokran) on guitar, Sam Arrag on vocals, Artem Subichev on saxophone, and Vitalii Molokanov also on guitar.

They just released their debut track “Mystery” which is 100% worth checking out for all fans of music in general. It shreds…

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