It’s always unfortunate to see bad things happen to good people. That being said, the good people in Black Crown Initiate were just robbed down in St. Louis, Missouri. From the sounds of it, they lost everything. You can read over the official statement from the band just below. Also, if you’re able, please give a donation to help the band get back on their feet by CLICKING HERE.

To all of our dear friends, unfortunately were just robbed in St Louis Missouri. We were in a restaurant for 40 minutes and all of our belongings and money were stolen out of our van in a well lit parking lot. Priceless items were taken including laptops, passports, laminates and personal effects. Worst of all, five thousand dollars that we made on this tour is gone. We have to go to Europe in 3 weeks and need as much help as we can get.

We undoubtedly worked our selves to the bone on one of the best tours we’ve ever done, only to have it swept out from under us. Any single thing you can contribute helps us. All of our cash from the tour is completely gone. We’re working our way home out of our own pocket. Thank you in advance.

-All the guys in Black Crown Initiate

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