Tomorrow is the day! Twelve Foot Ninja will be releasing an all new album known as “Outlier”! In support of this, they just launched a full album preview which goes to show the new record will be every bit as excellent and zany as one can expect from the insane genius of this band. Pre-orders for “Outlier” are currently available to those who CLICK HERE.

As to be expected, Twelve Foot Ninja also had quite the statement in regards to this:

It feels like we recorded this album with our elbows on spaghetti mountain in bloody upside down town (it was long and hard like my spatula) BUT . . . it’s almost here. Pre order your copy on our website so you can get the digital files asap. Some folks have already received their signed copies…what do you guys reckon? Anyway, getting ready to play some of the tunes live for the first time tonight in Adelaide, birthplace of one of our favorite actors: Nicholas Hope “Get off the road ya farkin weirdo! Two of those wonderfully delicious chocolate eclairs please! Angel tits! Cat want pizza! Hello son, you can call me Pop, hello Pop!, Yeah, yeah don’t go making a thing of it!”


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