Heads up to the United States West Coast and South! Alterbeast has organized a monster of a tour to head your way. They’ve teamed up with Depths of Hatred, Aenimus, and Aethere to shred your lives away. You can scope out the dates on the flyer up above and listen to music from all the bands down below. Here’s the official statement given by Alterbeast in regards to this:

We know its been awhile party animals! Roll out this February and help us shed those winter coats with the Real Party Animal Tour! Featuring: DEPTHS OF HATRED, Aenimus, Aethere, and yours truly! We will be bringing some new tunes as well as some new additions to the pack! We can’t wait to see all your beautiful mugs and your beast moves! See ya in Feb!

Alterbeast: Facebook // Bandcamp // Merch

Depths Of Hatred: Facebook // Bandcamp // Merch

Aenimus: Official Website // Facebook // YouTube

Aethere: Facebook // Bandcamp