Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach has always been vocal about a wide array of topics and has generally been an advocate for good. Recently, he had some choice words about the state of the world and his position in it. This was especially in regards to the internet and the toxicity one often encounters while online. As a result, he has made the decision to disconnect for awhile. More specifically, he had the following to say:

We need to talk, got a minute or 2? So I decided last night I’m leaving you. I just realized how much anger and frustration being online can be for me at times. Lately whenever I try to express myself and the current state of the world I become overwhelmed with such rage it has effected me and my spirit.

I’ve realized:
1. I don’t have the vocabulary to state what exactly I want to say about my disappointment in the current state of affairs in this world. There is so much white noise, propaganda and wag the dog distraction it feels near impossible to know how to fight this war of the mind. In the past I’ve never felt it was impossible…and I know it’s not..I just don’t have the energy or drive to do so and that worries me.

2. I’ve allowed ignorant and clearly brainwashed agenda driven people to get the best of me (on all sides as I’m not a political advocate for any one, any side, party etc. to me it’s all turned to garbage.

3. I’ve allowed myself to “buy into” some of this idiotic 2 party political farce that in reality is just an illusion created to cause division and distraction. This I’ve know for well over 2 decades yet lately somehow I’ve been drawn in and been beaten down by it.

4. I’ve lost touch with my voice, my desire to write, my deep love of life and my drive to express what I’m thinking and my passion to help others see the error of our ways as humans. In short I feel numb. When I’m not numb, I’m angry…. I’ve realized I have to disconnect for a time. I need to get rid of distractions and focus on the important meaningful simple things in life. I need to recharge my spirit, find peace and purpose in the simple yet profound things in life. I feel the impulse to be on the internet has torn this from me. I need to allow myself to be still and get past those impulsive moments to “connect” and read poisonous discourse about our divisions as humans. .
In short I just need to disconnect and find my voice, so I can contribute to the fight in a positive and constructive way. I need to channel my anger and use it as a weapon for compassion. Thank you all for your support and love. I’ll be back, take care of each other.

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