2017 has already seen a number of great releases. Here’s another gem to add to that list. Hybrid Sheep are an exceptional band hailing from Haute-Savoie, France. Stylistically, they deliver a heavy hitting take on Melodic Death Metal with several other elements weaved into the sound. This band can easily stand among contemporaries such as All Shall Perish, The Black Dahlia Murder, Within The Ruins, and Parkway Drive with their driving musicianship and talent.

Hybrid Sheep have been in operation since 2008, having put out 4 releases in that time. The latest comes in the form of their sophomore full-length effort “Hail to the Beast” – out through the good people at Tenacity Music. This is a 30+ minute listening experience offering no shortage of musical thrills. This release is likely to raise the listeners pulse with it’s sheer force throughout. Currently, “Hail to the Beast” is available for purchase over at the band’s Merch Shop and over on their Official Website.

You can also give a listen to the entirety of “Hail to the Beast” right here, right now! The full album is currently live and streaming over on YouTube – the video can be found just below.  Enjoy the music and show the band some love!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Merch