Coming from Ireland and currently based in London, Shattered Skies are quite the talented, upcoming Progressive Metal band. They’ve been hard at work for years now, producing a number of quality of releases in that time. Every member brings an important piece to the table as they deliver a great sound to all ears that tune in.

The latest Shattered Skies release goes by the name of “Auxilium // Vol I”. This EP was released on the tail end of last month to a positive reception. The 5 track effort spans nearly a half hour of metallic entertainment. This is currently all up for streaming and grabs over on Bandcamp!

After giving a listen, we reached out to Shattered Skies with interest of promoting them directly which brings us here today! The track “Upsurge” is now live and streaming over on YouTube! Give a listen and show these lads some support if you enjoy the sound!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp