Stemming from Santiago, Chile comes an exciting band by the name of Austral. They essentially combine certain homegrown Folk Metal elements with that of Melodic Death Metal and Thrash. Sonically, they could easily be placed alongside some of the biggest South American metal bands.

They struck hard with their debut full-length this year. Going by the name of “Patagonia”, it comes strapped with 10 great tracks just waiting to devour ears. The entirety of the record can be streamed through all major services and is available for purchase over on Bandcamp.

In support of this, the band has produced a superb music video for the album’s lead single “Kloketen”. Upon hearing this, we’ve teamed up with the band to bring the goods directly to you! Feel free to stream the video just below and, as per usual, show Austral some love and support if you enjoy what they’re doing \m/

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Spotify // iTunes