The amount of hate Suicide Silence is receiving for their new album is somewhat staggering. The band’s self-titled album is their first effort to feature clean singing and a new direction. The backlash really started with the release of their single “Doris”. As of right now, the track stands with 16,826 likes and 30,337 dislikes on the 360° music video over on YouTube.

The album sales have, likewise, reflected the fans disdain towards the new project.

Given all of this, vocalist Eddie Hermida has decided to weigh in with his thoughts. More specifically, he had the following to say:

Everything seems to be crumbling to pieces, and that is exactly what is going to make me go harder, and push harder, and just become a better musician. Everything that is happening is happening for a reason, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of everything.

This is the record that we were born to make as a band. Everything that has ever led up to this very moment… I was born to create that record. I was born to sound exactly like I sound on that record. I was born to take all the flak. I was born to understand and grow from what happened on this record.

This record was 100% the culmination of how hiding and making yourself that little fly on the wall, as opposed to standing firm and being who you’re supposed to be, it can kill you inside. It can make you feel like you’re not worth anything. Even if you sell 16,000 records and you end up with No. 13 on the Top 200 Billboard list, you can still feel empty inside if you’re not following your heart 100%.

When you realize that everything in your life has brought you to that spot, it makes everything feel so full circle; it makes everything feel so right. There’s nothing really that can take that away from me, and as much as people are trying right now, I think they’re failing because, everything that people say makes me stronger. Every shot that tries to get fired at me just makes me a stronger person, and that’s all that this record has shown me: you still can’t stop me.

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