There’s a new metal force emerging from the stronghold that is Stockholm, Sweden. In Reverence are a very talented musical unit crafting high end Atmospheric Death Metal. They’ve recently emerged as a force to be reckoned with as they’ve released their debut album. Going by the name of “The Selected Breed”, this record is an absolute monster.

To bolster this effort, we had previously teamed up with this band to spread the LP’s lead singles “Prometheus” and “The Sixth Bloodletting”. Now, we’re streaming the entirety of “The Selected Breed” right here, right now! You can scope this out along with their lyric videos down below.

If you enjoy the music, show this band some love and support. The music is currently available over on Bandcamp and Amazon. You can also give them a like over on Facebook. Stay metal, my friends \m/

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Amazon