Manhattan Project is an interesting band that’s neither based in Manhattan nor working on splitting uranium atoms. Instead, this Greek based band has been developing a Progressive Metal sound with a good deal of experimentation and modern sensibilities. It’s also safe to say that the talent level present in this band is through the roof. You never quite know what you’re going to get from Manhattan Project.

Currently, the band is working very hard towards something new. You can visibly see them sharpening their teeth all around with a regular diet of superb cover videos and practice rounds to scratch the surface.

Now, the time for new music has come! A slightly different, more Progressive Death Metal oriented approach has surfaced with the track “” which comes complete with a beautiful lyric video. This is beyond enjoyable all around as Manhattan Project continue to prove their powers as a high quality metal band. It’s highly recommended everyone gives this one a listen!

Who knows what aural delights may come next…

The band had the following description for this effort:

Transcending through darkened eras. Sanctity reforms into corruption. Compassion converts into atrocity. Malevolence is embodied in a fair semblance. The scientific notion bleeds down to its knees. where the Holy Inquisition commits their crimes in the name of God.

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