Unfortunate news here. Float Face Down vocalist Ron Gilbert passed away last week. He was quite young all things considered and is sorely missed by many.

You can support the family covering funeral costs by CLICKING HERE.

Here’s a statement from his mother in regards to this:

On Thanksgiving , I was given tthe news that is every paren’t worst nightmare-your son has died. My family and I are completely devastated and in total shock. The hardest part of this is that Ron was supposed to board a plane at 6:00 AM on Wednesday morning to come visit us for Thanksgiving-but he never made it. Guilt, pain, and total disbelief has consumed my family. We are seeking help to cover Ron’s funeral expenses-which is what he wanted. Our family members are all in different states, so we are trying to raise money to get everyone together to say our final goodbyes and provide a service for him in NJ.. I would like to have my son flown to MN after his service in NJ-so he can be buried in a place where I can visit him. We want to thank everyone for their beautiful words, and support. Please pray that god provides us with the strength to get through this horrible tragedy. Thank you-and god bless

R.I.P. Ron Gilbert

Links: Support The Family