Are you looking for some classic style heavy metal music? We can easily recommend Druids to your ears. They take this approach and throw in some psychedelic and stoner metal twists as icing on the cake. While listening, one may be able to draw parallels to greats such as Motörhead, Black Sabbath, even Mastodon and many more. All the while, Druids still throw in their own kind of groove on the way to their own greatness. Altogether, it makes for quite the enjoyable experience.

All of this and more shows across the band’s discography but, today, we’re here to focus on the band’s latest EP by the name of “Spirit Compass”. This is a 5 track bombshell of a recording waiting to take listeners on an adventure across many sounds. So buckle up and press “play” because we’re hosting the EP in its entirety down below!

If you enjoy the trip, keep in mind that “Spirit Compass” is now available for purchase over on Bandcamp! You can also follow along with the band on Facebook and over on their Official Website. Stay metal, my friends.

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp